Translation complete: Uprising!

The fourth novel of the series has now been translated and is with the editor. If things go well, the novel might already be published in spring. In addition, translation of # 5 has already commenced, to be published this year as well. I’ll keep you updated.


„Uprising“ in the making

„Passage“ has just been published, but the preparations for # 4 are in full swing. Please enjoy the cover of „Uprising“, as always prepared by Timo Kümmel.

Dirk van den Boom - UPRISING - Front.jpg

„Passage“ everywhere!

The third „Emperor’s Men“-novel is by now available as ebook via all major distribution platforms and as paperback through (and, and .ca and so on). The fourth novel is one fifth translated, with good progress reported. I expect it to be published sometimes in early summer 2018, if not a bit earlier, if all goes well.


„Passage“ ready for pre-order

It took some time, but now the third novel in the series is ready for pre-order as ebook from The printed version will hopefully follow soon, as well as the ebooks for customers of B&N, Kobo, ibooks etc.



While we are working…

… on the third novel in English, the eleventh in German is about to be published. Have a look at the cover!


WorldCon in Helsinki – meet me!

Meet me at the upcoming WorldCon in Helsinki:

10.8., 17.00…/A+World+of+Acclaim%3A+Awards+f…


„Arrival“ all new and fresh

I’m happy to inform you that a revised and edited version of „Arrival“ has been uploaded to Those of you who have enabled automatic replacement of revised ebooks might already have received a notification.