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Volume #6 has been published!

It took some time and didn’t go without hiccups, but the sixth installment of our series is available in most relevant shops. The translation for #7 is also underway, but won’t be finished before the end of the year. Therefore: stay tuned!

Holidays on Capri

Book # 4 is on track and will be published end of May. But I also want to show you a picture, as in Germany the third crime-novel in this universe will be published. „The Emperor’s Men Vigiles“ plays quite immediately after the sixth book of the regular series and is about the adventures of the first Roman crime unit in this alternative universe. I like to tell you that after the translation of book # 6, we will also start to translate these novels and publish them simultaneously with the next six of the regular series.
(Cover art by Timo Kümmel)


Small update

You all deserve an update. So here it is:
1. I expect the edited novel # 4 back today, and will proceed to implement all necessary changes asap, so that the book can already be published by the end of May.
2. # 5 has been translated and will go into editing right after I’m done with # 4. I expect it to be published in the late summer of this year.
3. I will proceed with the translation of # 6 within the next two months, with a good chance that the book might be published by the end of the year, if nothing comes in between.
I’ll let you know once I have a more definite schedule at hand.