The first „The Emperor’s Men“ series consists of six novels, of which the first has been published in the spring of 2010 in Germany. The first volume in English, titled „Arrival“, is now available as well. A second six-part series is already in progress. The novels belong to one of the main sub-genres of science fiction, the so-called „alternative history“- or „parallel history“- as well as time travel-novels.

Kaiserkrieger 5

What is it about?
Shortly before the First World War, the German light cruiser Saarbrückenleaves the port of Wilhelmshaven to make its last big journey before being decommissioned. But near Portugal the old ship encounters a mysterious phenomenon, and the crew unexpectedly finds itself in the Mediterranean, 1500 years in the past, at a historical moment: It’s the year 378, the beginning of the end of the Western Roman Empire, the start of Völkerwanderung…the crew of the Saarbrücken decides that to survive they must make friends of the Romans. They had been the Kaiser’s men in the 20th century, and now, in the past, another emperor might need their services…

KK 6

Where are the novels published?
The German small press Atlantis publishes the novels both in German as well as in English. The English version is published primarily as ebooks, but also available as Paperback through

Where can I purchase the novels?
The ebook-version can be obtained through the usual major vendors, including The English paperback-version can only be obtained through as it is produced through their print-on-demand service.

How many of the novels are out and when will the rest be published?
In Germany, all six novels of the first series and the first four of the second are published.
In English translation, the first of the first series is available, and the second is already translated and will be published early in 2017.

# 1 – „The Emperor’s Men – Arrival“ (already published)
# 2 – „The Emperor’s Men – Betrayal“ (January 2017)
# 3 – „The Emperor’s Men – Passage“ (Summer 2017)
# 4 – „The Emperor’s Men – Uprising“ (Winter 2017/18)
# 5 – „The Emperor’s Men – Refuge“ (2019)
# 6 – „The Emperor’s Men – Emperor“ (2019)



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