„Passage“ everywhere!

The third „Emperor’s Men“-novel is by now available as ebook via all major distribution platforms and as paperback through amazon.com (and co.uk, and .ca and so on). The fourth novel is one fifth translated, with good progress reported. I expect it to be published sometimes in early summer 2018, if not a bit earlier, if all goes well.

„Arrival“ all new and fresh

I’m happy to inform you that a revised and edited version of „Arrival“ has been uploaded to Amazon.com. Those of you who have enabled automatic replacement of revised ebooks might already have received a notification. 

Revision of „Arrival“ incoming!

While „Passage“ is still with our US-editor, we are undertaking a thorough revision of „Arrival“ and will upload a corrected and improved version in the near future, especially in order to improve grammar and choice of vocabulary. For amazon-customers, the revised edition can be uploaded automatically, if the feature has been enabled. I’ll let you know about our progress in this matter.

„Betrayal“ – the paperback has arrived!

It definitely took too long, but now the paperback-version of the second novel „Betrayal“ is available as well. I’m in contact with the publisher in order to see how this time-lag can be avoided with novel # 3, because it’s simply annoying and basically unnecessary.

Talking about # 3 „Passage“, I’m glad to inform you that the book has been translated and is now with our US-editor in order to make it readable. I expect the publication-date to be around summer this year and keep you posted about developments.

Meanwhile, translation of novel # 4 has officially been commenced.