„Arrival“ all new and fresh

I’m happy to inform you that a revised and edited version of „Arrival“ has been uploaded to Amazon.com. Those of you who have enabled automatic replacement of revised ebooks might already have received a notification. 

Revision of „Arrival“ incoming!

While „Passage“ is still with our US-editor, we are undertaking a thorough revision of „Arrival“ and will upload a corrected and improved version in the near future, especially in order to improve grammar and choice of vocabulary. For amazon-customers, the revised edition can be uploaded automatically, if the feature has been enabled. I’ll let you know about our progress in this matter.

„Betrayal“ – the paperback has arrived!

It definitely took too long, but now the paperback-version of the second novel „Betrayal“ is available as well. I’m in contact with the publisher in order to see how this time-lag can be avoided with novel # 3, because it’s simply annoying and basically unnecessary.

Talking about # 3 „Passage“, I’m glad to inform you that the book has been translated and is now with our US-editor in order to make it readable. I expect the publication-date to be around summer this year and keep you posted about developments.

Meanwhile, translation of novel # 4 has officially been commenced.