„Betrayal“ now available via all important platforms

Took some time, as always, but the ebooks of the second novel are now available not only via amazon.com, but also through barnesandnoble.com, kobo.com and itunes. A paperback version is currently under preparation and will be released internationally via amazon’s CreateSpace. Stay tuned.

„Arrival“ at itunes

I’m – finally – happy to announce that „Arrival“ is now also available via itunes. It should be available via Nook in a short while as well, I keep you posted. In addition, „Betrayal“ will be published shortly. Just wait for the announcement.

Was there christmas already?

Is it already time to wish everyone a nice christmas? Maybe a good opportunity to ask: in the times of the „Emperor’s Men“ – after their trip – was there already something like christmas? It isn’t easy to discern in how far the celebration has had the same importance like it has now, but actually the 25th of December as a special holiday was already mentioned in the year 354, quite fitting into the timeframe where our cruiser appeared. In Constantinople, the capital of the East (our heroes will travel there soon!) the 25th is documented as a holiday in 380. So, in a way, the answer is yes: they celebrated christmas, although most probably without the tree.

Cover blurb for „Betrayal“

Here we are – the cover blurb for „Betrayal“, the second installment in the series about the ‚“Emperor’s Men“:

Drunken from their triumph at Adrianople, the Goths set to the conquest of Eastern Rome and threaten the city of Thessaloniki. While the men of the German Cruiser Saarbrücken are still trying to prove their usefulness to the Roman Empire, the resistance against the time-travellers grows stronger. Mighty clergymen scheme against the growing influence of the Germans, and on the Saarbrücken itself the seeds of treason are planted … and not only there.

What a ride!

While I’m already working on the translation of the third „Emperor’s Men“-novel (and it is hard work, I can tell you), the second volume is in its final stages of technical preparation for both the ebook- as well as paperback-version. Plan is still to publish „Betrayal“ in January. Some obivously didn’t want to wait and scraped their German together and ordered the German version instead, otherwise increased sales of the „original“ through amazon.com is hard to explain. While on another front, I have finished the first sixth of „Emperor’s Men“ # 11, titled „Blutiger Mond“ (or „Bloody Moon“… hm, no, that’s maybe not the completely correct translation).