What a ride!

While I’m already working on the translation of the third „Emperor’s Men“-novel (and it is hard work, I can tell you), the second volume is in its final stages of technical preparation for both the ebook- as well as paperback-version. Plan is still to publish „Betrayal“ in January. Some obivously didn’t want to wait and scraped their German together and ordered the German version instead, otherwise increased sales of the „original“ through amazon.com is hard to explain. While on another front, I have finished the first sixth of „Emperor’s Men“ # 11, titled „Blutiger Mond“ (or „Bloody Moon“… hm, no, that’s maybe not the completely correct translation).

Review copies available!

If you have a SF/F or AltHist-blog or review for a bigger website or other publication, I’m more than willing to provide you with a review copy of „Arrival“ either as ebook or paperback, according to your preferences. Just get in touch with me, please.

Wait one!

While the ebook is now available at amazon.com, there has been an issue with the paperback supposedly to be published through Create Space. The publisher is working on the issue. Furthermore, other ebook-distributors will take delivery of the novel a bit later as the process to get access to them is a bit more complicated than with amazon (which might be a reason why amazon is a much more convenient and successful place). I’ll keep you posted.

And then there is…

… the Vigiles… The spin-off-series of the „Emperor’s Men“ starts after the events of the first six novels and is centered around a German police officer tasked with the establishment of a professional police force in Imperial Rome. Have a look at the cover of book # 2 in the series, to be published in German end of August.


Cover Art by Timo Kümmel